30% off

for new customers


$40 hr. (Original Price)

Example sessions (each customer has different needs)

$120 for 3hrs = 1 session - SALE PRICE $84.00

Example areas - Pantry, desk area, laundry room, small closet.

$240 for 6hrs = 2 sessions - SALE PRICE $168

Example areas - Playrooms, whole kitchen cabinets-drawers, pantry, larger master closet.

$480 for 12hrs = 4 sessions - SALE PRICE $336

Example areas - Garages, larger playrooms, living spaces or multiple areas.

$20-25hr - Shopping assistance

$60 for 90 minutes = Returning client follow up visits 1x month. Maintenance/Spruce up sessions.

Half of amount due when scheduling project.

Balance due on day of service.

Only Cash payments accepted for now.

In the process of offering other options.

Smoke FREE home preferred. At least 3 days before and during scheduled project. Sorry for the inconvenience, allergic.

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