About Me


I will not judge anyone for their clutter and chaos. I will listen to my clients as well as remain empathetic while they allow me to be in their most personal spaces and places. You can expect compassion, encouragement, respect, trust and complete privacy from me. I am passionate about serving God and the families I will be helping.


I am a Christian home organizer serving Trenton, Ohio and surrounding areas. I love creating places for same items, offering less time and stress looking for things. I decided to choose a career that I would enjoy. I love helping people, sharing Gods love, making things better and organizing. I'm looking forward to helping you through this new transition in your life whether it be to declutter, downsize or organize!


Some people may not have the time for a project with work or other obligations or a project may be too overwhelming to a customer physically or mentally. I would love to turn their project into the organized space they desire and love to be in. My goal is to help people by relieving some of the stress of a project and offering them more time for the things that are most important to them like: Traveling, spending quality time with your family and friends, taking care of yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually, managing your money, growing your business and serving in your church.